Asian medicine believes that the flow of energy in the body and face influences the level of blood circulation in the tissues. When the energy is flowing abundantly then the skin on the face is “glowing” with life and it is free from wrinkles and pigmentation. Asian medicine uses Acupressure Massage, herbal masks, Jade Gua Sha Massage and topical herbal medicines as natural treatments to enhance the vitality of the face while slowing down aging.

About Marie McDonald
Marie McDonald is a registered nurse with a designation as a dermatician. Not totally satisfied with conventional western skin treatments she decided to learn from the orient.  Marie went on to study cosmetology in China at HongZhou City Hospital, Xiamen University and Beijing’s China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In China, beauty and skin treatments are done in the hospital in the cosmetology ward.  These studies in cosmetology helped shape Marie’s outlook on what can be achieved through the use of natural skin treatments.

Personalized Skin Care Products
Marie is also very skilled at making customized skin products that a person can use at home. She will identify the characteristics of a person's skin and create skin care products tailored specifically to fit the person's exact skin composition. No more experimenting with off-the-shelf skin care products and hoping they are right for you. All products are chemical and preservative free.  Marie formulates the skin care products only with the best natural ingredients so that you can be guaranteed quality and beautiful results! Marie can formulate the following skin care products:

Day/Night Creams
Eye Gels
The Complete Beauty Regimen!

The Myopulse: Advanced Skin Rejuvenation
Computerized microcurrent is also used on the face as a modern form of facial acupuncture to help reduce wrinkles and fine lines, reduce redness and restore elasticity to the skin. This is a very rejuvenating treatment for the skin.  Only eight to ten sessions, performed on a weekly basis, are needed to achieve profound regenerating effects and take years off your face.

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Natural Beauty and Skin Care
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